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Why David and His Kids Live On Completely Unsustainable Food

David’s Childhood

David’s childhood was spent living off of completely sustainable food. His parents raised chickens, grew their own vegetables, and raised rabbits to provide meat. David also hunted and fished for his own food. This taught him how to be self-sufficient and how to be resourceful. David now lives a similar lifestyle with his family. They live off of produce from their garden, eggs from their chickens, and meat they catch or purchase from local farmers. They use only organic products and rarely use any processed foods.

The Transition to a Sustainable Lifestyle

David and his kids have made the transition to a sustainable lifestyle by choosing to live completely off of unsustainably sourced food. This has been a difficult process for David and his family, but they have stuck with it because they believe in the benefits of a sustainable lifestyle.

David’s kids are growing up knowing that their food comes from nature, not from an industrial agricultural system. They love going on walks in the forest and picking fresh fruits and vegetables. They also enjoy learning about sustainable farming practices and composting.

Living sustainably isn’t easy, but it is worth it when you see the benefits of a healthy environment and a thriving community. David and his kids are proof that you can make the switch to a sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing anything.

The First Year

David and his kids have been living on completely sustainable food for the past year. David had always been interested in sustainability and was inspired to try living completely off of it after seeing a documentary about a family who did it. He started by cutting out all processed foods, fast food, and grocery store snacks from his diet. He also eliminated all animal products from his diet, which meant no meat, dairy, or eggs.

The first few months were difficult for David and his kids as they quickly became accustomed to a completely different way of life. They had to get used to cooking their own meals from scratch and learning how to scrounge up food in the wilderness. But David was confident that he could make this work and was determined to show his kids that they could do anything they set their minds to.

A year later and David and his kids are still living on sustainable food. They have never experienced any food shortages or financial struggles, which proves that this lifestyle is feasible and sustainable. David’s kids are now more aware of the environmental issues that are happening around them and are passionate about attacking these problems head-on. They are also more mindful of the foods that they eat and how they can

Second Year

David and his kids are living on completely sustainable food this second year. They have cut down their food waste by 50%, and the family is now eating a wider variety of organic produce than ever before.

In order to make the switch to sustainable living, David enlisted the help of his friends and family. “I reached out to my network of like-minded individuals,” he says, “and together we brainstormed how we could reduce our impact on the environment.”

One key strategy was to buy in bulk and freeze food for later. “By storing our food this way, we were able to reduce our overall grocery bill by 30%,” David reports. “Plus, freezing food allows us to enjoy fresh produce all year long.”

Another key part of their sustainable diet was to reduce their energy consumption. David installed insulation in his home, upgraded his appliances, and switched to renewable energy sources. “[These changes] collectively saved us over $2,000 in annual energy costs,” he says.

Overall, David feels that their second year of living sustainably has been a success. “The biggest benefit has been seeing the impact that our choices have had on the environment,” he says. “We’re proud to

Third Year

David and his kids live on completely unsustainable food because they believe in making the most of what they have. They grow their own produce, hunt and gather, and forage for wild plants. David has been doing this for over 10 years and says that he has never been more satisfied with his food.

Fourth Year

David and his kids live on a completely unsustainable food system. They grow their own vegetables, fruits, grains, and meats using an intensive permaculture method.

They use a minimal amount of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, and they never use herbicides or fungicides. They also only use animal products that they hunted or gathered themselves.

The downside to this lifestyle is that it takes a lot of work to maintain. David and his kids have to spend hours each day harvesting the food they need, cleaning the produce, and cooking it all up. But they believe it’s worth it because they know that their diet is healthy, sustainable, and unique.


David and his kids live on entirely unsustainable food. David grows all of their vegetables, fruits, and legumes in a permaculture garden that he built himself. All of the meat they consume comes from pastured animals that were slaughtered humanely. They also take advantage of foraging opportunities to gather wild foods like berries and mushrooms. In total, their food consumption amounts to just 110 calories per day-about the same as what you would find in a can of coke or a slice of pizza!

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