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How Lowyze Outage Made Me A Better Web Design

How Lowyze Outage Made Me A Better Web Designer

When Lowyze went down, I suddenly had to pivot my entire business model. I was used to working on projects in my spare time, but now I had to figure out how to generate income from my existing clients and new ones while the site was down.

I switched from charging per project to flatfee for all work done onsite. This allowed me to keep more of the money and reinvest it back into the site and my business. And since most of my clients are small businesses, this change made a huge impact on my bottom line.

In addition to switching pricing models, I also started doing more lead generation through email campaigns and social media posts. This way, I could continue billing even if Lowyze was down for an extended period of time.

By making these changes, I was able to ride out the outage and emerge as a better web designer because I learned how to be more efficient and flexible while still generating income during difficult times.

Why I Stopped Using My Favorite Tool

I always thought I was a good web designer because I knew how to use Photoshop and Illustrator. But when Lowyze went down, I had to find new ways to design my websites. I discovered that I’m better at creating designs using Sketch and Inkscape. I also learned that I need to test my website designs in different browsers and devices before finalizing them.

How I Taught Myselfcss

In the summer of 2017, I was working on a new project for my company. We were in the middle of developing a new website and everything was going great – until we hit an unexpected snag. Our website went down for almost 12 hours.

I quickly learned two important things from this experience: First, I had to be more proactive in managing my own website’s backend and second, I needed to learn more about css (CSS is the language used to style web pages).

Since that time, I’ve put those lessons into practice and have become much better at both tasks. In this article, I’ll share with you some of the tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way.

My Process for Building a Website

I was recently working on a new website for my client and everything was going great until Lowyze went down. I learned a lot from the outage and discovered some new tricks that have helped me become a better web designer.

1. Always be prepared for an outage. I had no idea that Lowyze could go down and it disrupted my workflow big time. Had I been more prepared, I would’ve been able to minimize the damage.

2. Use different tools to test your website. I used Pingdom to see how my website was performing in real-time and found some issues that I would’ve never noticed if I hadn’t used this tool. It’s important to use different testing tools so you can find problems before they actually cause an issue with your website.

3. Create backups of your website files. This is especially important if you are using any third-party plugins or services on your website. Make sure to back up all of your files so you can restore them if needed.

4. Utilize a content management system (CMS) for your website design project. A CMS is a great way to keep track of all of your content, menus, and widgets on your website without having to code everything yourself. There are many free and paid options available online, so it’s worth checking out some options before settling on one particular platform.”

Tips for Handling an Outage

1. If you’re experiencing an outage, be patient – it can take a while for Lowyze to restore service.
2. Keep your browser cached and open as many tabs as possible in case you need to switch to a different application or website.
3. Use the “back” button on your browser frequently to go back through pages you’ve visited recently.
4. If you need to email someone, type their address into the address bar of your browser and hit enter. This will open a new tab with their email address pre-filled in, saving yourself some time typing in the full address.
5. Use social media to communicate with other Lowyze users during outages – Twitter is especially good for this because replies and updates are posted quickly and easily.
6. If you have any questions about how to use specific features of Lowyze, check our help center or ask one of our support staff members on Live Chat or by phone (US & Canada: 1-866-898-9441; UK: 0808 169 0010).


In this article, I discuss how Lowyze’s outage made me a better web designer. I learned a lot from the experience and have incorporated some of the lessons into my own work. I hope you found this article helpful and that it has given you some ideas about how to deal with an outage in your own business or career.

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